Wood Fencing
Wood fences are still a popular choice for many homeowners but wood fencing is slowly losing ground in popularity to
some other types. Wood fences can add beauty and style to a home because they come in a wide range of colors,
styles and materials that can fit any home. A wood fence is one of the most cost effective types and can last a long
time if properly maintained. Maintenance is one of the main drawbacks of a wood fence. They need periodic painting or
staining and no matter how good the maintenance, wood will rot and portions will need to be replaced from time to time.

Vinyl Fencing
Vinyl fences are starting to knock wood fences out of the most popular category. The main reason for this is the fact
that once a vinyl fence is installed it needs no maintenance except for an occasional wash down with the garden hose.
A vinyl fence will be guaranteed by the manufacturer for 20 years to life depending on the fence. A vinyl does not fade,
rot, crack, peel, warp or splinter. As with wood fences vinyl fences come in many colors and styles. Price is the
drawback because at present vinyl fences are expensive.

Chain Link Fencing
Many people do not think that chain link fencing is pleasing to the eye but it is a tough, durable fence. Chain link
fences come in a variety of colors and styles to help with the fact that most people do not like the way they look. Chain
link fences are generally used in business situations but manufacturers are trying to change that perception. Chain link
fences are galvanized and coated to protect against weather. Chain link fences require little to no maintenance after
installation and will last the lifetime of the home. Chain link will cost more than wood but less than vinyl. A chain link
fence is probably the most secure type because it is hard to climb, hard to go under and a potential burglar would have
to cut the fence with bolt cutters to get through.

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